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Name: Joel J. Stubbs

Height: 6’ 3” or 190 cm

Comp Weight: 130. 6 K or 288 lbs

City: Nassau, Bahamas

Age: 50

Qual: College Degree, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Flight Instructor

Profession: Airline Pilot, Professional Athlete (IFBB)


Joel, its always fun talking with you, I know you always have your hands into a lot of projects, WHAT DO YOU HAVE COOKING UP FOR 2017???

As far as what’s on the burner for 2017: Well being the President of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, I’ve sworn to raise the standards of the organization and give it an image remarkable of recognition.   Right now we’re gearing up to start our season and prepare the minds and mental state of our athletes for competition. Knowledge is powerful and so we’re supporting the efforts by having early seminars and information on proper nutrition for the body type and foundational training methods for quality muscle building and gains. Well definitely we want to resurrect and return back to the CAC with a better team Bahamas. Also we’re working on restructuring the federation’s agenda to excellence in judging, setting up and organizing local shows, working with health and fitness in our high schools and giving athletes needed information to be in compliance to all IFBB regulation standards.





Without a doubt you are one of the most highly regarded IFBB Pro’s to come out of the Caribbean. A lot has changed in the sport of bodybuilding. Where do you see the CACBFF in 5 years? 

Thanks for the compliments. My intention was to go to the pro league and represent the Caribbean with distinction. I am grateful for the genetics and gifted talent in doing so. I see the sport of bodybuilding and fitness escalating to great heights and giving everyone a chance to display their body type in the various new categories that has emerged. So no intimidation and no depress feelings from anyone, as their body will fit some category or discipline out there in this sport.

In 5 years I see the Caribbean making great strides in taking many of our quality athletes to the world. We still do have many elite quality athletes elevating themselves to the top and will succeed.


If you could change one thing about the sport of bodybuilding today, what would it be? 

There is nothing that I can think of at this moment that I would change in the sport today if given a chance to. Will have to give this some more thoughts.





I know you are the president of the IFBB Bahamas, what other big names have been coming out of your federation? 

In the Bahamas, our federation still has a few devoted and dedicated athletes in the trenches constantly working for their professional status. We have the likes of bodybuilders like Paul Wilson, Jimmy Norius, Joey Rolle, Vincent Paul, Jamiel Hamilton and Bernard Davis. Men’s Physique like Kenny Mackey, Enderick Rahming, Kaif Young, Gemo Smith, Terran Knowles. In women’s bikini we have the likes of pass champions that took a break, Ms. Amy Sands, Ms. Naomi Fatal and Ms. Carina Ferguson present champion. In Women’s Figure, Ms. Lakiesha Miller, Ms. Dekel Nesbitt and Ms. Chanice Bain. In Women’s Physique we have Ms. Lorraine Lefleur, Ms. Tammy Stubbs and Ms. Tanya Moxey. Of course there are many other upcoming and potentially great athletes I’ve failed to mention that will make marks in the Caribbean in the short future.


It will be great to see TEAM BAHAMAS at the the Mr. Olympia Amateur South America, any surprises? 

Well unfortunately we’re only sending 1 athlete to the Olympia Amateur show in Columbia this time. Most athletes here took the break after the CAC games and are now in offseason building mode right now. So yes 1 athlete and 3 test judges to represent the Bahamas this time around. Of course, Jimmy Norius will be a force to be reckoned in Men’s Physique under 172 cm division.


I did not know you were a pilot, what has been the craziest flight you have been on? 

Yes I am an Airline Pilot for our National Flag Carrier, Bahamasair. As the pilot in command, the craziest or scariest moment in the cockpit I’d say would be days battling adverse weather conditions. I’ve been in position where there were short moments of the aircraft doing with it wanted to in rough weather condition even though I had the controls. This was for some short time but it left me concern and in deep thoughts. Not so afraid at high altitudes but yes definitely at low altitudes.


Let’s talk a little bit about IFBB Pro Joel Stubbs, what was the happiest moment in your pro bodybuilding career ? 

A publication contract with Musclemag magazine and a small contract with Versa Gripps and sealing a supplemental contract with Muscle Asylum Project, owned some of the happier moments in my pro bodybuilding career. With these contracts, my bodybuilding journey was very easy and well taken care of. Most of all my long memorable moments will be the fact that I was able to make friends with many other professional competitors from around the world. Also to meet and greet fans and supporters from around the world at the expo booth during the Olympia and Arnold Classic shows were beyond a doubt, amazing. I love the expressions and love shown when people from all walks of life will meet us in person. What an experience…






You actually got your bodybuilding start a little late in your lifetime at 29 years right? 

Yes to be precise, I started bodybuilding exactly 30 years of age. Then suffered both knee (patella tendon tore) one-year later playing basketball. So it was a major setback but I persevered beyond, as I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go/be.


How did you get started in bodybuilding, who were you idols? 

I got started in Bodybuilding at that time having my uncle, John Deveaux as my idol. He was just someone super strong pound for pound and love working out. As time journey on, I started reading magazines and studied photos on the gym wall that sparked my interest to take my game to another level. There were a few bodybuilders around in my time locally in the Bahamas that would give inspiration and motivation to press on. For international idols, I soon became fascinated with the looks of Lee Haney, Paul Dillett, Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Milos Sarcev, Vince Taylor, Ernie Taylor and the list goes on and on. Studying their physiques… shape and muscle conditioning.


You won your pro card in 2003 at the CAC, what an accomplishment! Winning the CAC is not an easy thing to do. Please remind our readers just why! 

Thanks to the IFBB/ CACBBFF for graciously awarding me with my pro status in 2003. This was definitely an outstanding moment in my bodybuilding life. It well deserved and I embrace it. It’s not easy winning the honor. Well as we know, first you have to win your respective division first then come back for an overall comparison and pose down to determine just who is the best of the best. Many hearts broken and only one person is given this prestigious award. Then from hence on, your future journey becomes even harder as to go against the world. I’ve seen many of our own in the Caribbean went out and gave it a trial but failed to continue. As to what reason or position given as to why they’ve threw in the towel, I just can’t say.


What was the toughest competition you ever faced on stage? 

The toughest competition ever on stage for me was competing against myself and being better than the Joel stubbs that competed a few weeks or month ago. I am always tuff on myself and wanting to improve every time. I think my better years were within the last 2 years before retiring.


What was the biggest obstacle of your bodybuilding career and how did you overcome it ?

My biggest obstacle of my BB career as we all knew was my quad muscles and being able to make them bigger to balance my upper body. At one time, the questions were asked in Muscle Development as to whether Joel Stubbs has the best upper body in the sport in 2008. I was somewhat complete in my upper body except for maybe increasing volume with my arms. I’ve forth tirelessly to enhance, grow, increase and maximize my quads but were somewhat unsuccessful in gaining amount needed to be crown champion in the pro league. However, I was able to overcome and was granted access to compete in the Mr. Olympia show, which is the most prestigious and ultimate event of the IFBB today.



Favorite Home Cook Caribbean Meal is Rice and Peas, fried plantains, fry fish and coleslaw. Add a glass of fresh squeeze lemonade.


What do you think was the biggest asset to you IFBB Profesional career? 

The biggest asset is having sponsors to help facilitate your expenses and bills from show to show. Also a supporting cast from your signicant other right on down to training partner, chef and family.


BACK ROUTINE – can you please give us a quick back routine ? (sets and series) 

Quick Back Routine for Mass


Chin ups                               4 sets of 12 wide

Seated Long Pulls               4 sets of 15 wide bar rows increasing

Bend Over Rows                 4 sets of 12 reverse grip increasing

One Arm Dumbbell Row 4 sets of 15 increasing

T Bar Row                             4 sets of 15 increasing

Lat Pull Down                     4 sets of 15 wide increasing

Hyper extensions               3 sets of 15 add weight



Well if given only 1 supplement choice then it would be a quality protein powder pack with abundance of amino acids.




Any special thanks? 

Well special thanks to Almighty God for his mercy and grace and allowing me to fulfill a dream and have fun doing so, also to give purpose to others who are following their passion, given hope that it can be done. To the IFBB and the CACBBFF past and present administrators, judges who sacrifice tirelessly to keep structure and standards for all athletes around the Caribbean and the world to unite and compete year after year. To the executives and members in the Bahamas who respect my leadership and work day in and day out to promote health and fitness. Lastly to you Kit for your due diligence in promoting the Caribbean and the many talents we have brewing and upcoming.


Where can people follow Joel Stubbs? Where can people follow the IFBB Bahamas?  

You can follow me on Facebook and I’ve recently joined instagram. As for the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, you can find us on Facebook and also on instagram. Our email is My personal email is